Computer Tips and Tricks

What to consider when hiring a computer repair specialist

You’ve got the latest, greatest Mac. A shining silver hunk of machinery designed to make your life simpler, more productive, more beautiful. At first everything is a dream. You’re charmed …

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android phone

Lenovo P700 Me gusta!

I was surprised when I saw Lenovo P700 mid-range level dual-SIM android phone and it was indeed love at first sight. I am planning to buy a new dual sim …

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Tutorial: Widgets for Homepage Only

By default your blog’s side bar widgets in Blogger or WordPress can be seen and displayed sitewide, meaning they will appear in every page of your site. If you wish …

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Benefits of Coupon Codes

Costumers, as well as the sellers are aware of the anticipated benefits of an applied marketing strategy, making the popularity of a coupon in a lot of stores do the …

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