Choosing Between 0800 and 0844 Numbers for Your Kind of Business

businessSearching for a web-based, non-geographical number to supplement your business landlines? There are many toll-free numbers that you can choose from but knowing the advantages and benefits of specific numbers such as 0800 and 0844 numbers can help you decide the best for your business needs. These two popular options do share similarities but they have major differences that you should first understand to determine what is applicable for your type of business.

For businesses aiming a national presence, the 0800 and 0844 numbers can create the mass appeal to facilitate new business even from outside your normal geographic area. Being a web-based control both offers solutions to manage and control calls efficiently. There’s no need to worry about lost call inquiries when it suddenly malfunctions for it is equipped with a built-in disaster recovery.  Additionally, these numbers are affordable and portable which will not change when you move your place of business. Numbers which are open for anybody to dial and call for inquiries thus, opens your business to potential new leads more likely to produce and generate sales.

0800 number comes with low costs packages that can be customized to suit your needs. On the other hand, 0844 numbers are used by organisations of all sizes and businesses to generate an additional revenue stream as it can let you earn profits from your calls. A rebate of up to 4pence per minute is received every time someone calls your 0844 number.

If your company has an established image and reputation and confident that your customers will not mind the minimal charges to reach you, going for the latter will save you more money without going too heavy on your customers. This feature is unique and is not offered with the other numbers. With this added benefit, more and more companies are opting for a 0844 number for technical support calls and other paying services. The minimal fee that your customers pay for calling your company via 0844 numbers will be easily overlooked when great service and customer satisfaction is clearly achieved after the call.

Step more of an edge over your competitors by keeping your regular customers while you double the amount of calls from your new customers with non geographic numbers.

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