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Samsung Galaxy S5: The Flagship Phone

One of the most exciting techie events to look out for in the 2014 is the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is rumored to come out in the first few months of the New Year and gadget-freaks are all talking about the features that this new Samsung Galaxy will have. The Galaxy S5 is expected to run faster than the current iPhone 5S because of its configured 64-bit processor. Another quite impressive feature of his highly advanced smartphone is its built-in iris scanner. No more PIN codes to input, users will be able to unlock their phones by the eyes.


samsung galaxy s5


Media pulled out concerns regarding the design and construction of the new Galaxy S5, saying that there will be two versions – a metal version which is priced higher than the plastic version. Patent application also showed the flagship phone retaining its characteristic rounded corners. Samsung fans can expect major changes on this new phone’s screen and display. With its 5 inch or 5.25 inch screen, you can expect higher resolution at 2560×1440 pixels. But Samsung always used AMOLED technology, rumors had it that his South Korean brand will replace their panels with LCD to lower production costs.

Aside from this new flagship phone, Samsung is also expected to launch new models of low-end smartphones to meet the demand of the clamoring masses.


Photo credits: samsungsvi.com

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