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Laptop cooler, a necessity or a waste of money?

Do I need to buy a laptop cooler? This has been a very common question among laptop and netbook users. Well, probably you don’t need one, but just to be safe get one 🙂 Actually some laptops simply don’t cool as well as others. Using the unit all day will require high demand on the hard drive and CPU can lead to high temperatures and as we know heat is a bad thing for the health of a computer.
We have two laptop coolers in the house one for my husband’s laptop and another for my precious netbook.  Both of these units are running all day and absolutely need a cooler because it runs that hot without it. A cooler is used to help dissipate the heat that the laptop/netbook generates. I use a netbook cooler because I do not like that warm feeling on my fingers and palm when I’m typing especially now that the weather is hot. The warm room temperature adds heat to the gadget temperature.

laptop cooler
laptop cooler

netbook/laptop cooler
netbook cooler

Furthermore, gaming is one activity that easily heats up a laptop, so if you are a gamer and mostly play on your laptop, the cooler can be of help to elevate the laptop for more clearance giving the laptop’s fan an easier time to breath. So, is a laptop cooler, a necessity or a waste of money? In my opinion, it depends on how you use the laptop and the specifications of the unit whether it needs extra cooling help. A laptop cooler can be an added accessory to work on lowering the temperature and at the same time can serve as an ergonomic device as it may tilt the unit to make typing and viewing easier.

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