Why A PC Could Be A Good Choice For You

The demand for PCs is falling worldwide. It seems that everyone wants a tablet or laptop these days. Some of us are just getting by with our smartphone alone. The rise of portable devices has meant that many people have forgotten PCs. That’s a great shame. It could mean that you make a poor decision next time you buy a device. PCs still have a lot of advantages over smaller devices.


For starters, they’re customisable. You can’t alter your iPad – Apple won’t let you get anywhere near the internals. By contrast, you can take apart a PC and rebuild it to suit your needs. That’s a fantastic advantage for tech lovers. You can boost your memory in an instant. You can adjust your processor to increase your speed. That’s a huge issue for laptops – their processors just try to keep battery life high. I know a guy who’s spent years building his ideal desktop machine. It cost him a fortune and used up all his time, but still. That dedication isn’t necessary for everyone.

A PC is also a good idea for security reasons. Who can steal a PC? They’re heavy as hell and difficult to disconnect. You can lose your laptop or tablet to a thief in seconds. They’re lightweight, portable and easy to steal. You could also drop or damage your portable device in a heartbeat. A PC is tough and can stand a little wear and tear.

PCs also have specific advantages in certain areas. They’re great for photo editing – much better than any non-desktop competitors. They shine brightest, of course, in the world of gaming. PC gaming has long been the best alternative to consoles. Cheap and tacky mobile games can’t rival an immersive PC experience. There are loads of great desktop PCs and computers that offer brilliant gameplay.

The PC also has a few more practical advantages over mobile devices. You’ll never lose battery on a PC – they’re connected to the mains. Of course, that means you can’t take them on a train. That doesn’t mean that a portable device is better than a PC. Anyone with a laptop or tablet knows the frustration of a dying battery. You can’t be dependent on that kind of device. A PC can also accept many other devices through its USB ports. That level of interconnectivity puts it way ahead of a mobile device. The final consideration is the cost. Everybody knows that desktop machines aren’t cheap. That doesn’t mean that they’re a bad deal by comparison. It’s easier to find a rip-off if you’re shopping for a tablet. A PC is a more dependable machine – worth the extra cost.

Anyone who’s in the market for a computer should consider a PC over a laptop or tablet. You can’t drop a PC down the stairs, after all! On a more serious note, they’re just a better class of machine. You can do so much more with a PC than you can with any other alternative. In truth, there are no real alternatives to a good-quality PC.

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