Manage your ICafe Business with ease via a Cyber Café Management Software

From my own personal experience, running and managing an ICafe business is no joke as it entails a lot of work on a daily basis. Apart from cleaning and disinfecting those keyboards, mice, tables and the internet café shop itself day after day, other administrative and monitoring tasks that an internet café owner needs to do are as follows:

  • Daily anti-virus update
  • Accounting, inventory management for point of sale
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Viewing status of client terminals
  • Checking each client pc for unwanted changes users or customers make while in session
  • Website tracking and blocking unwanted websites like porn sites browsed by the Café users
  • Changing Windows settings, installing software or games, patching game updates and many more
my youngest son’s duty is to turn off the avrs at closing time 🙂


Not yet to mention the periodic cleaning of the CPUs or the central processing units. This will cost you additional expense if you are not knowledgeable on how to do it.

Doing all these tasks from one pc to another is indeed arduous and exhausting, thus a server is recommended.  Moreover, monitoring will be more difficult if you will install multiple software in your server which will serve different functions such as remote access, freezing software and Café timer.

The use of the all-in-one Cyber Cafe Management software like the iCafe Manager will certainly help you in managing your business with ease and efficiency. The software can be downloaded for free at Performing tasks mentioned above can be done while sitting only in front of your server as the Server-Client application features are managed from the server. Billing, printing services, inventory management and other accounting reports are made available on the screen.

Another good feature of this application is that all client stations connect to the server, thus you can effortlessly monitor and control each station. It also has a client’s lock down screen that prevents unauthorized users from logging in – an additional security for your Café.

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