Top 4 Advantages of Having a Dedicated Server Host

Shared hosting is preferred by some startup businesses because traffic is still minimal and manageable. With this type of hosting, your site is hosted and shares server with many other different sites. This is practically the reason behind the low cost offers of shared server providers.

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Upgrading to a dedicated server host is necessary especially for businesses that are picking up in terms of profit and traffic stream to be able to keep up with market demands and stay ahead of their industry. The need to upgrade and switch to a dedicated hosting server is a plausible move in order to scale your business on a higher plane. This is ideal for websites that are considerably resource intensive and generates tons of traffic.

Check out the top 4 advantages of having a dedicated server host

  1. Full Administrative Access. Being able to fully manage and control servers is an advantage to your business. This would not be possible though if you are using shared hosting services because you get to share servers with other sites. Integrating a dedicated server host will allow you to have root access to the system and you can easily customize configurations and install programs. You can also easily monitor your use of server resources which makes it relatively easier to monitor potential problems on your servers and be able to correct these issues before it gets out of hand.
  2. Reliability of Resources. This does not insinuate though that shared hosting is unreliable – this is of course reliable in relative the same way; but dedicated hosting server gives you extra pads of reliability. When you share servers with other sites, this could also consume more resources which inevitably affect the performance of your website. You cannot risk too much downtime because of shared resources. Going for a dedicated server hosting will then increase you site’s uptime and decrease downtime levels so you can take your business notches higher.
  3. Security of Data. Some people think that purchasing their own server would require too much work and also a safe storage space. With the use of a dedicated hosting server, you do not need to worry about these details further – it has been taken cared for you. Dedicated server hosting allows you full access to servers without the hassle of keeping the servers safe and in good condition. Servers actually take up much space and needs a controlled environment and temperature to keep it working optimally at its best.
  4. Expert Technical Support Team. One great edge with going for a dedicated server host is that you get premiere technical support from the experts. Also, you get prioritized and get fast responses from trained technical professionals that can help resolve problems you might be having with your site. Having your business backed up by technical experts will give you the confidence that your website will be up and running live in a seamless fashion. Troubleshooting will be quick and easy especially with the experts on the side.

A dedicated server host can certainly give your business the boost and facelift it needs to keep working optimally. Purchasing a dedicated hosting server will provide you the added layers of reliability and security while you get your business primed for success.


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