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What android phones are available?

Shopping for a new smartphone? Looking for the android based OS? If so, you will find more and more manufacturers introducing new phones on what seems like a daily basis. These are currently a few of the top phones to look out for, and consider investing in, if you want the best, the latest, and newest models which are currently available on the market.

Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

Either the traditional or the edge model are the latest in the long line of Samsung Galaxy phones. They are sleek, light in weight, run on the latest android OS, have a lightweight aluminum frame, and expandable memory which the S6 model didn’t offer. Removable battery is also an upgrade which hasn’t been seen in other android based phones on the market recently. It has 32 GB in store memory, an upgraded camera, a 5.1” and 5.7” model, and all the latest upgrades presently available on the market.

HTC 10

A front mounted fingerprint sensor offers added security, a large, vibrant screen is impeccable and easy on the eyes as well. New and improved speaker set up, the snap dragon 820 processor, 4 GB of ram, and 300 mah battery power can go for hours on end without a charge. An improved camera is also going to offer great picture, video, and quality resolution for streaming calls as well.



A unibody metallic design, removable battery port, an added camera grip for capturing photos and videos, and expandable memory, are a few of the upgrades from previous G models. It has the snap dragon 820 processor which is lightning fast, a 5.3” IPS LCD display, 16 and 8 MP cameras (front and rear facing), and 32 GB of built in memory, in addition to the ability to expand if it is required by the user. If you want quality, sleek design, and an easy to operate phone for a reasonable price, this is one of the top options which are currently out there.

Not sure which to buy? Don’t want to pay the highest price for these new phones? Consider used or second hand android phones. Many are in “like new” condition, run and operate like new, and are far cheaper than a brand new phone. Further, you can find and comparison shop used phones through various online sites in order to find the best deal.

Regardless of what you seek in a new phone, these are some of the top android models presently available to consumers looking to make an upgrade from previous phones.


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