Mobility of Office Equipment is Crucial for Increased Productivity

Having office desks and chairs that can be moved from room to room has become standard in many offices. Stands that hold computer equipment, printers and copiers, that can be moved almost anywhere also help enhance the creativity and productivity of anyone working in the office. When an office equipment or components are movable, everyone has faster and easier access to them.

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Computers have become smaller, replaced by advanced thinner, lightweight flat screen models, changing the needs for office furniture as well. Furniture today is more mobile than ever with helpful additions like Albion casters to help make them easier to move. Being able to re-configure an office setting becomes more critical to productivity, allowing the furniture to completely meet the needs of everyone in the office.

Costs and Employee Needs Determine Types of Office Furnishings

Many businesses today are trending towards work spaces that are smaller, featuring more lightweight and portable furnishings. Part of the equation when making these decisions is cost. It often costs a company less to have furnishings that are lighter and easier to move, as well as having common spaces and more components like computers and other equipment that are shared among employees.

Another deciding factor is how much room each employee actually needs to do their job. Some employees need more privacy when it comes to their workday, especially if they must be on the phone a lot. Other employees benefit more from shared work spaces featuring things like bench seating and large shared meeting tables instead of separate desks. Things like panels situated between desks can be used if they’re needed later.

Thinking Outside the Box Saves Space and Creates Sustainability

Some companies have shifted towards making the office virtually paperless by having all records stored electronically, which saves on the need for paper copies. All filing of important documents that must be kept is done online to save time and space, and to enhance accessibility to files by authorized employees.

Other businesses have turned to inventive ideas like portable file cabinets that do double duty as docking stations for portable electronic devices. An employee signs the cabinet out at the beginning of their shift and returns it later to a common storage area. Office spaces featuring portable furnishings seem to be the trend of the future. This has become an admirable trend towards sustainability in office furnishings.

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