How To Fund Your New Tech Idea

New Tech Idea

If you want to fund your new business or next project, then there are some options available to you. Let’s dive right in and explore exactly how you can fund your new tech idea.


Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter have grown in popularity over recent years. Through it, you can showcase your idea and perhaps a prototype. Then you can appeal to people to fund your project. This is broken down into different tiers and depending on how much someone pledges to your project; they will receive different things in return. Kickstarter is a really great way to work closely with the people who will be buying your product, and you can receive feedback on your project. Kickstarter is also a great way to see if there is a demand for the thing that you are offering. If your Kickstarter fails, then you know that you need to go back and reassess your project or idea and see what didn’t work and what you can do differently in the future. Kickstarter is a great way of getting your idea straight to the people who want it without needing to worry about some of the other funding options on this list. It won’t be for everyone, but it is always worth considering.

Approach Investors

Approaching investors might seem like a daunting task. However, you shouldn’t see it like that. Instead, you should focus on what will make people interested in your product and why they should give you money to fulfil your goals. Which investors you approach will depend on the type of project and idea that you have. However, you should cast a wide net and try to appeal to as many people as possible. This way you are far more likely to get actual investors at the end of the day. An investor is someone who will help to fund your project and give you the very definition of working capital. They are also someone who is going to take a share of the profits for the thing that you produce. This also means that to some extent they have a say on how you run your project or business. For this reason, it won’t be the solution for everyone. Aside from giving profits to someone, you might not want them to be involved in your creative process. This can be agreed in your investment contract, but it is still worth considering when approaching investors.


Loans are the most basic way to get funding. You go to a bank or other loan provider. Present your business plan, and if they think it will be successful and that you will make your loan repayments, then they will allow you to borrow the amount you have requested. When taking out a loan, you need to remember that the repayments need to be made and to make sure that you have taken this into account. Once you have repaid the loan, then the bank will have no further involvement with your business or project unless you want to borrow more money.

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