Ways To Reduce Call Wait Times For Your Customers

call wait times

One of the most exhausting things during any phone call is waiting. A customer doesn’t want to be kept on hold for very long. Whether they are trying to find a solution, buy your products or speak to someone in the company, they do not want to wait. So, you need to find solutions to cut down on call wait time.

Tips for Reducing Call Wait Times

1.Do not force too much training.

If you have people working for you who answer the phones, have you trained them properly? Keep in mind that if you allow too much on-the-job training, you’re more likely to experience high wait times when trainees answer calls.

2. Put your information online.

Create a user-friendly website with enough information about your company, troubleshooting and frequently asked questions. With enough online material, you can refer customers to your site so that they don’t need to make the call.

3. Keep your online presence current.

If you find you’re getting the same sort of questions on the phone, use those questions online with comprehensive answers to which you can direct callers.

4. The authority of those answering calls.

Callers don’t want to have to wait for the person they’re speaking to, to ask their manager for even the smallest of things. Rather, customers prefer to speak to an authority figure who can make decisions off the cuff. Only allowing, for example, a receptionist to answer calls can be frustrating for your customers and prospects.

5. Are internal staff responsive?

If it’s your receptionist transferring calls, they have to assume that whoever they’re transferring to will be quick to answer. Often, callers unnecessarily wait on hold for extended periods when being transferred within an organisation.

6. Maintain a sense of urgency.

Everyone in the company should know that when a call comes in, the caller is likely looking for a solution to a problem. Rather than researching their answer online, they think the fastest way to get what they are looking for is to call directly – prove them right.

7. Don’t allow employees to interrupt each other.

Sometimes, employees get distracted by other employees and put a caller on hold. Implement a zero-tolerance policy for this kind of thing.

8. Determine where time is being wasted.

There may be a specific reason that there is higher call wait times in your company. Figure out where time is being wasted when customers are on hold. There may be several reasons for keeping people on hold, such as privacy issues, too many calls to handle and even noise level.

9. Make sure you have enough staff.

One efficient way to reduce call wait time is to hire enough staff. Depending on how many calls you receive, you might not have enough people to take care of all the calls quickly enough. If you’re not willing to hire more staff, the very best solution is to employ the services of a Phoenix based call answering service.

10. Consider calling back.

Finally, there are plenty of customers who just don’t want to wait on hold. Offer them a call back option if you know you currently receive many calls. Ask customers if they’d prefer to be called back or wait.

Implementing these tips can help reduce call wait times for your customers and prospects.

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