Horror Game First Impressions:Infliction

I am a horror enthusiast. When it comes to things terrifying, I like to see myself as somewhat of a veteran. I watch plenty of horror movies on my own. Unfortunately, the standard of horror nowadays is pretty awful. Cheap jumpscares galore to the point that you can count down the seconds before they happen! Due to that, recent horror movies never became enjoyable. However, my hunger for horror still lingers, and, to satiate it, I turned to try playing a horror game. I have tried the Free to Play ones in Steam since I didn’t have enough funds at the time, and discover them to be lack luster. There is the horror element, but poorly executed. Deciding that it might be time to buy horror ones, I went to find the cheapest one, but seems like it has some good quality to it. Eventually, I found it: Infliction.

Impressions of Infliction for the first hour of gameplay.

There is something different about playing and being immersed into the role of the protagonist over watching other people suffer. Since my first Horror Game, Slender Man: The Eight Pages, I have learned to appreciate the work developers do to make the games scary. I absolutely hated the game because of how much it scared me back then that I quit. When I came back to playing with it recently, I find it to be terribly cliche. It made me realize that making a horror game is not as simple. There is a hidden science to it, such as developing the atmosphere, or finding the right time for your monster to appear. Many games have tried, and failed to achieve this.

For a 10USD game, Infliction is quite successful in achieving this science. The horror game has amazing graphics that I was completely unready for. You could really tell that the game was made with so much love and care. Honestly, the attention to detail is amazing! It was the opening sequence that really sold it for me. The first part of the game shows you immediately what kind of horror you will be dealing with, as well as a short teaser of what was truly happening! The horror timings are spot on, and the general atmosphere is just completely unnerving. There were many moments that my hairs stood up from the scares themselves! The pacing is also really good as it is based on how fast the player will move. It will not try to rush the player, and the interactivity of the game really adds to the immersion.

Should you play this Infliction horror game?

My answer is a definite yes! This game is amazing, but it is not terrifying to the point that you’ll quit halfway through. However, it may not be for you if you do not enjoy story-driven games. If you’re the type who prefers action, then I highly recommend reading my SMITE review!

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