5 Best Online Entertainment Trends for the Coming Year Ahead

The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted our routines and daily lives. The government has imposed stay-at-home orders as localized lockdowns were implemented due to the rising cases of the new Delta variant. A lot of free time showed up at my doorstep. The laundry I needed to do was reduced significantly, as my youngest son doesn’t have to wear his uniform anymore since his school shifted to online classes. The same goes for my eldest, as he has also shifted into a Work From Home setup. As the both of them are also always at home, they help around with the daily chores, leaving me with less to do, and more time for myself.

As the majority of the population are just staying at home, the need for a fast internet connection speed has become a necessity. People crave for home entertainment, thus the entertainment industry is booming and slowly adapting to keep up with the pandemic taking hold across the World.

More than half of all laptop and mobile internet users go online from their devices daily. So here are the 5 best-suggested online entertainment  trends you can try to brighten up your day.

Listening to Podcasts

The popularity of podcasts has been on the rise even before the pandemic but is now even more popular. It is easily accessible on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop and you can listen virtually, anytime. There are a lot of podcasters nowadays and they cover different topics.

Online Entertainment Trends

Trying out Online Games

I have said this before, and I still stand by it now. Online Gaming has to be entertainment at its finest, and it’s usually free for anyone to try. It has so many genres encompassing it, from the simpler games like Word Twister to the darker and gory gameplay of The Last of Us. Of course, it was my youngest who played the latter game, as I was simply not experienced enough to play that game. However, I did watch him play it, and it was one of the most beautiful games I have ever seen.

With more free time in my hands, I’ve decided that it was time for me to try my hand at online gaming. Sadly, my laptop isn’t quite up to par with my youngest’s Nitro 5, so I wouldn’t be able to try out the games he plays.

You see, previous versions of Windows used to have pre-installed games with them that come as a package. Solitaire and Minesweeper were the staples of my early Desktop days, and they were the games I played often the most. So, when I looked for an online Solitaire, imagine my surprise when I found one! Before I even realized it, I was already playing a few rounds of the game. The UI of the game was very smooth, and the gameplay featured no screen glitches nor bugs. In fact, it was so similar to the Solitaire from Windows XP that I was just struck with so much nostalgia. My grandmother used to play this game with me often on our desktop before, so playing something similar to that made me smile as I continued.

Online Entertainment Trends

I was also really curious about the other games provided on the website’s header, so I scrolled down to see if there were more. I was really surprised to find out there were more. I enjoyed playing the website’s version of Letter scramble, as it was very reminiscent of the original with a twist: you can play the game on 3 levels where you must spell progressively more words per level, starting with 20 then 30 then 40.

Online Entertainment Trends

If you’re someone who’s a beginner like me at trying out online games, games like this can be your best introduction.


Another trend in the booming computer gaming industry is electronic sports, better known as e-sports. This is recommended for gamers of League of Legends, Dota, Valorant, Overwatch, Counter-Strike, Street Fighter, and StarCraft, among many others. Games played on a competitive video gaming from different local players or players from around the world.

Online Entertainment Trends

Binge Watch Movies and TV series

Never miss an episode of your favorite tv series or watch a movie you miss on the theatres through subscriptions on a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, HBO max, and more. You’ll find thousands of international movies, tv-series, and documentaries. Enjoy!

Online Entertainment Trends

Youtube and Tiktok

Enjoy the music you love and recent videos of your favorite actor on Youtube. Learn a new recipe, improve knowledge in making DIY home projects, watch recent world news and keep updated with what’s new and trending globally. The best part is, you don’t have to pay to access most of YouTube’s videos.

Online Entertainment Trends

If you want to just watch a short personalized video feed, you may opt to try Tiktok. Short spontaneous and genuine videos from genres like dance, education, or comedy that have a duration from fifteen seconds to three minutes. You only need to download the app and create your account so you can comment and engage with your favorite Tiktoker.

Online Entertainment Trends


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