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Notepad Corner 

A personal mommy blog that talks about life, family, parenting, personal experiences about motherhood, housekeeping tips, homemaking, home and home improvement, home and garden, work, business and anything that could be of essence to one’s daily living.

Delectable Ideas

Speaks about good food, food ideas, culinary adventures, recipes, cooking and kitchen tips and restaurant hopping.

Fit and Sound

A personal blog about beauty, beauty tips and products, modern science, latest health cure, latest medical devices, health tips, crucial information about medical ailments and diseases.  A blog site that address concerns on beauty, wellness, fitness, hale and hearty living.

Joy’s Flair

A blog that discusses about flairs, personal opinions, style and aptitude about lifestyle, shopping, business, fashion trends, apparels, bags, jewelries, watches and other fashion accessories, beauty, book and movie reviews, home improvement, hobbies, collection and gadget craze.

Fancy Expeditions

A travel blog with the author’s own demonstration and showcase of suggested best holiday places, travel information and ideas, amazing tourist spot destinations, most excellent sights,scenes  and accommodation guides.  A traveler who dreams to embark on different beautiful and historical places around the globe.

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