Boy Attends Class Virtually; Thanks To Robotics


7 year old boy Devon Carrow has been suffering with life threatening allergies and can no longer go to school normally. Good thing “Vgo” robot came into rescue. The latter has been used by Devon to participate in class, walk along the hallway of Winchester Elementary School in West Seneca and even interact with his classmates in teacher Dawn Voelker’s second-grade class. 

Devon became one of the first few recipients of the special mobile technology. It was first introduced to the business industry so that businessmen can keep track of their operations remotely while they’re away.

Robotics has come a long way to the extent that it helped children fulfill their dreams. Devon’s severe allergies prohibit him from going out of their house for long periods of time including school premises. With the help of robotics, he can now experience what other 7-year old kids do.

His classmates aren’t calling the calling the robot Vgo but Devon. Kids were able to treat the robot normally as if Devon is really with them. Just like his classmates, he has been treated equally and doesn’t get any special attention. He has the same assignments just like his classmates and has part of the entire classroom activity.


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