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How Should I Dress for an Interview with a Tech Company?

Going for an interview can be a nerve-wracking process, and choosing what to wear can be a real trial for some job seekers. If you’ve been applying for jobs in the Tech industry, it can be even more of a challenge due to the sheer diversity of companies and the way they expect staff to present themselves. Here’s a quick guide on how to dress for your interview with a Tech company.

Research the Company Culture

The first thing you should do is some background research on the company you’re applying for. With the Tech industry being so diverse, you’ll find some companies who enforce a strict business dress code for every office, while another will encourage its employees to relax the standards and wear jeans and a comfortable shirt. How they operate and the atmosphere they’re trying to project to the public will help you to understand what they’re looking for in a candidate. 

For example, a small and contemporary graphic design company might really love your custom t-shirt design, and it could actually enhance your chances of standing out from the crowd. On the other hand, a company who focuses on a professional and sharp image will just class you as lazy and unprepared for the interview.

Keep it Safe

If in doubt, always choose something slightly dressier. It’s better to be a little over-dressed for the occasion, as you really don’t want to give the interviewer the impression that you haven’t made the effort by being too casual. As a general rule, even if the standard is more smart-casual than business-like you’ll want to keep it quite conservative.

Just remember that they are interviewing you for your skills and personality, and these are the attributes that you want them to focus on. Save your crazy new hair style or bright blue eyeliner for the party on the weekend, not your Friday morning  job interview.

When It’s Ok to Suit Up

Going all out with a full suit sometimes isn’t necessary for job interviews, and can actually work against you. However there are some situations when wearing a suit isn’t just ok, it’s expected. When you research the company, try and get a feel for who will be doing the interviewing and how they will be presenting themselves.

If it’s a large Tech company with international contacts, there’s a chance you could be interviewed by one of their overseas HR consultants. Wearing a suit to this kind of interview could be expected, especially if the everyday business dress code for the company is already quite high. A suit is the standard of dress for many overseas businesspeople, especially for meetings and interviews, so keep this in mind.


If you’re really concerned about what to wear, and your background research hasn’t really helped to point you in the right direction, you still have another option. Don’t be afraid to contact the recruiter and ask what the dress code is, if anything it shows that you’re taking the opportunity seriously and are focused on preparation. Keep in mind that every Tech company is different, and you should tailor your appearance and presentation to match.

Written by Emma Jane

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