Teracopy, a tool to move and copy files faster

If your operating system is Microsoft Windows, there is a program you can install to move and copy files faster. Transferring lots of files over the network or moving files and data from one disk to another for back up purposes is time consuming. If you are still using the native tool, you may try Teracopy – a software application for Microsoft Windows designed as an alternative to the old school copy operations within Windows.


This application is intended to speed up your copying needs and has more functionality than the local tool. Furthermore, it comes on a freeware and a shareware version. Depending on your transferring file needs you may choose between the freeware which is only intended for personal use in a non-commercial environment or the licensed Teracopy Pro, the shareware version of the application you can buy for more additional features like the ability to modify, to remove selected files from the copy queue, having a list of favorite folders for copy destinations that is you can select files with the same extension/folder, save reports as HTML and CSV files, and more.

Copying and moving files at the maximum possible speed can greatly help save time and get work done without much worries of copy errors.

Here are the features of the Free Teracopy software.

Copy files faster, as it skips bad files during the copying process

Incorporates with Windows Explorer’s right-click menu, thus can be set as the default copy handler.

Asynchronous copying speeds up the file transfer between two physical hard drives as it uses adjusted buffers to reduce the seek times.

There is an option to pause and resume file transfer activities with a single click

Error recovery in case of a copy error

Lets you fix the unsuccessful file transfers and recopy

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