An Extremely Polished Game of Candies


Just about a year ago, a casual game was released by for iOs and Facebook. And out of curiosity for the new game, you found yourself playing, then you see your mother playing and soon everyone else you knew were also playing! Today, Candy Crush saga is one of the top grossing application downloaded from the Google store and is the currently the biggest app on Facebook in terms of daily traffic! Why? Candy crush gameplay is simple, inviting and intuitive. The colors are bright and anybody can easily understand how to play it soon as they start. Every element of this game is constructed fun and excitement.

Though the theme of this amusement is more lighthearted and fun, once you’ve reached beyond level 15, you’ll start cursing and swearing  for the challenges that comes up. Any avid player may find Candy Crush Saga boring at first, but you really have to reach certain levels to truly experience the game in all its glory! Candy Crush is definitely a no joke game that had millions playing like addicts all over the world. Candy Crush is a game that is recommended for its fun and entertaining design, be cautioned though because it can really become addictive and you’ll have to counter with your self-discipline to stop playing once and a while!

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