Five useful car apps

Most people with cell phones love to use apps. When using programmes, people can organise their life and save money. In fact, when in the car, plenty of drivers and passengers love to consult their smartphones to gain knowledge or insight into the area they are visiting. Without a doubt, a motorist should use a smartphone. When doing so, he or she will have an easier time navigating the open roads.

car apps
fuel buddy apps from Google Play


Here are the top five useful car apps.

Fuel buddy

When looking to find a good deal on fuel, a motorist should use Fuel Buddy. With this programme. A driver can find the lowest and most up-to-date prices for gas. The application works well since users from all over the world update the prices in real-time. Fuel Buddy is a must have app for a smartphone owner who wants to lower his or her fuel costs drastically.


To avoid getting a speeding ticket, an individual should follow the law. In reality, most drivers will push their luck to the limits. A motorist who wants to speed should download the Trapster app. To use the application, one should start their application, and it will do the rest. With a GPS and map, the programme will show the motorist the local speed traps. This is a great programme for an individual who often finds him or herself in unfamiliar neighbourhoods. 

Find My Car

When parking a car, busy people become forgetful. With Find My Car, a motorist can mark the location of his or her vehicle. With the GPS system, the application will draw a quick map and allow the driver to find his or her car with ease. This is the perfect programme for a car owner who often parks his or her vehicle in a busy and confusing city. Find My Car will even provide the user with directions back to his or her car.


When driving over long distances or for work, many like to track their fuel usage. With FuelLog, a motorist can track all the costs related to his or her vehicle. All one needs to do is to enter the spending details related to the car. The programme will do the rest for the driver. This is the perfect app for an individual who loves to track and control costs with ease.


When on busy or unfamiliar roads, one must use iOnRoad. This app uses the camera of the smartphone and allows the user to watch the conditions with ease. Without a doubt, this programme will allow a driver to navigate the open roads without fear.

A 2013 Jaguar car owner with a smartphone must use applications to make his or her experience easier. When downloading and using these five apps, a motorist will have an easy time navigating around large cities and small towns.

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