Ensure Optimum Payroll Accuracy with Biometric Time Clocks

When it comes to keeping up with the times, the Time Clock is a store that has been providing time clocks and attendance products for over 50 years. With the Time Clock eShop, you are dealing with a secure and dependable company that has been officially accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We can all locate domestic time-keeping devices for our homes to watch those valuable minutes and hours of our day. The question becomes, what other more advantaged time clocks, such as those used for commercial and industrial use, can be found at a retail store such as the for your time management needs?

time clocks biometric time clocks will offer businesses and companies employee time clocks that will allow them to keep track of their worker’s labor time as well as provide a proper document of the work that employee’s have actually done to keep up with Wage and Hour time recording regulations. If your concern is that employee’s may potentially not even be showing up for work and are still getting paid for hours they didn’t work because a friend has clocked them in – you certainly need a biometric employee time clock.


Biometric time clocks are an advantaged time-keeping system that will offer employers the opportunity to completely bypass the card-swiping method or the typing of employee numbers that some companies use. With the implementation of biometric time clocks, all employees must clock in by matching their fingerprint or through valid hand recognition before their hours of labor will be recorded.

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  1. I realize it can be a problem with dishonest employees not being fair with regular punch clocks, but I’m not sure how I feel about a time clock having my fingerprints! Besides I know regular clocks hooked up to major systems often have flaws and times they aren’t working and such, this thing has to have problems that come along with suh advanced technology.

  2. In my old job we had to ‘clock in’ every time we left the floor and I disliked it tremendously. My new job does not require clocking and I am very happy.

  3. This is so crazy! Can’t believe this kind of technology exists though I applaud it – it will be neat to see it in the workplace. No more cards to punch!

  4. Yes, Big Brother is upon us. I would refuse to work for a company that used “biometrics” to track my comings and goings. I do realize that some employees want to cheat the company out of hours but this option is a little too Orwellian for me.

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