LED vs. LCD TV: Which should you buy?

LCD television conquered the entertainment market soon as it was launched. It was very expensive then but competition and newer models especially LED Television made up for tight price fights. But what really is the difference between LCD and LED television? Which of these should you buy?




LCD or liquid crystal display television actually works wonders to give us vivid black and colored images. It is lighted by via CCFL or cold-cathode fluorescent lamps at the back of the screen which is made of liquid crystals. The LCD shutters plus the colored filters are fixed in a grid so white light is controlled and only the colors red, green and blue passes through.  On the other hand, LED television is an LCD television that uses LED backlight instead of the usual CCFLs’ LED or light emitting diodes are used to illuminate the screen but it uses less energy making LED televisions more energy efficient and eco-friendly.


When quality is compared, LED is also boosts better brightness levels than the usual LCD screen television. You get more realistic and vivid images with LED TV. In terms of prices, LCD televisions are more affordable than LED probably because LED TVs are still offered as high-end products of today’s popular television brands.


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