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The value of SMS in the Modern Era

Can you still recall the time when you get to own your first cellular phone? The very first thing that you would do is to inform your other friends who also got cellular phones with your mobile number. You’re going to do it by sending a text message or SMS (short message service) because calling would be expensive and when the line gets choppy, you would be sending it through text as well. You won’t mind how much load credits you’re going to spend for it because after all, your mobile phone would be useless if no one knows you got one.


Photo credits: LoboStudioHamburg – Pixabay.com


Time passed and mobile phones evolved into something more than a texting device. With all the mobile network promotions these days, calling became very cheap thus making texting cheaper and a waste of time. Everyone seems in a hurry and wants immediate answers that’s why instead of sending a message, they would call the person.

Now that smartphones are becoming popular and data subscription is getting cheap, sending messages is not limited to SMS anymore. Social networking sites can already be accessed and notifying a contact person who often gets online most of the time has become easier. As technology progress every now and then, surely time will come that sending SMS would be the least thing that your cellular phone can do.



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