The Business Benefits of EchoSign

If you haven’t already heard of Adobe EchoSign,it’s likely that along with many other businesses,you’ll soon be using it to streamline your daily administration tasks.

In simple terms, EchoSign is a digital e-signature service which is becoming the ‘must-have software’ for businesses who want to maximise their efficiency.

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Since its establishment in 2005, the success of this user-friendly SaaS program has seen it enjoy rapid growth and become a key service in almost every industry.

EchoSign is perfectly suited to the increasing business demand for online communication and trading, making it one of the most widely used pieces of software to be recently integrated into offices to enhance business operations.

EchoSign makes the processing and transfer of any documents that require signatures or authorisation incredibly efficient, saving organisations of any scale a huge amount of time and money.

The hourspreviously wasted waiting for contracts or important documents to be sent and returned by post is a thing of the past. Now, authorising signatures for property sales, employment contracts or new business agreements can be negotiated and completed digitally within minutes.

This deceptively simple piece of software is allowing companies to really maximise their operational potential and reduce costs.

E-signatures make the processing of paperwork smoother and cuts the cost of print consumables used for producing hard copies, which in turn helps businesses to operate in more efficient,eco-friendly ways.

The software makes it possible to upload or fax a document to a number of recipients and specify the order in which they must e-sign it.

Signatures are legally binding and security is assured with signer verification and password protection to prevent fraudulent use and maintain confidentiality.

Documents can be customised for users to sign or initial any parts of a contract or document which require it and recipients don’t need any specific equipment to make a signature either; the software enables users to easily sign documents with a mouse or stylus.

This makes it easy to incorporate into standard business practice and share with clients or trading partners.

When a document is returned, the sender and signee both receive a notification and copy of the final document, which can then be securely archived, it’s that simple.

The software is compatible with mobile technologies, which means business users can benefit from EchoSign services on smartphones, netbooks and tablets and conduct their  business anytime, from anywhere to maximise productivity.

At present, the software supports the most commonly used file formats including Microsoft Office, Google Docs, HTML pages, JPEGs, PDF’s and plain text documents.

Furthermore, this software can be used to complement the function of traditional print technologies.

Despite much talk about the ‘paperless office’, most businesses still need the flexibility to scan, print and fax documents.

Organisations which already make use of multi-function printers (MFP) can now use their equipment to electronically transfer, store and produce hard copies of digitally signed documents with ease.

For further information on how you can integrate EchoSign technology into your business and existing print equipment, contact the industry experts at who can advise you on how to make all of your document management needs swift, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

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