The Cytus Game Challenge

You may be familiar with the music video game Cytus. It is definitely one of the most famous android games out there. I highly recommend it if you love rhythm games like Osu!, Space Jam, etc. It currently has 5 free chapters, and each chapter contains a bunch of unique songs. Each song has only two difficulties: Easy and Hard. Before starting the game, you really need to play the tutorial first. If not, you will be very confused on what’s going on. If you haven’t bought the game yet (like me) for the first 3 chapters there will be a 10 second loading screen. For the next chapters it will increase to 45 seconds.

At first the game may be a bit boring, but as it goes on, you will start to enjoy it a lot. Once you reach chapter 3, you will love it, especially the song “Libera Me”, one of my favorite songs in Cytus. Each difficulty has its own perspective level for each song. For  example, in the song “Hard Landing” easy difficulty is classified as Level 3 and hard difficulty is classified as Level 9.

Cytus is a score-based music video game that involves the player tapping on notes as a black bar alternates from top to bottom in tune with the song. The more accurate the player hits these notes, the higher the resulting score will be. The scoring system in Cytus is quite complex. Timing is the most important component in Cytus to get a high score. Thus, eye and hand coordination is important. You also need to aim as accurately as possible in order to avoid bad or even worse, miss. If ever you get either of these two, your combo will break and you will start all over again. If you manage to retain your combo from the very beginning until the end, you will receive an A, or an S, or even better: Master. Master is the highest score in Cytus. In order to get it, you will only need to receive PERFECT and nothing else. The sole objective of Cytus is to Master every single song available.

Below is my video on the Cytus game challenge. Experience and enjoy art and music, beat and rebound through tapping.

Yahmir, the author of this post is my youngest son who’s only 14 years old, a Rick Riordan fan and loves to play challenging games. He wants to be a computer engineer someday.


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