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AQWorlds, an online game to take boredom away

AQWorlds is one of the greatest games I’ve played since I was a kid. If I get bored playing other games I will definitely play this game. This online game is created by Artix Entertainment. It is a browser-based role-playing game that only uses Flash and Unity engines. Players can have their own guilds and parties. Although to create a guild you must be a Member. Oh, quick note: not all items are for non-members. Some are for Premium Member accounts only. To get a Member account you need to pay real-life money.

In order to join you have to click the “create a free account button.” Make sure you use your legit e-mail and birthday date. After creating your account, you can click play and start playing! Take note that your username is the same for the name of your character. You can’t change it until AQWorlds is integrated into the Master Account system.

Be reminded you can only join canned chat servers if you’re around 13 years old below. If you want to go join chat servers you have to ask your parents to upgrade your account to a Member account. Although to be honest, I like canned chat servers better.

Here are some screenshots of the game with my character:

aq worlds aq worlds1


Note: This is another guest post from my son, Yahmir who’s only 14 years old 🙂

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