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5 Ways 4G is changing your life

At this point in time, your 3G phone entertains you.  But when network congestion is on its peak, you will generally have no use of it.  4G is a lot faster and it is expected by 2020 to have a traffic explode by 33 times.  4G however isn’t the cure for every video scenario.  You probably won’t choose watching live sports using your mobile device in the next few years to come.  When it comes to standard definition however, 4G is a lot faster as compared to 3G.




According to Richard Karpinksi, a senior mobile analyst at Yankee Group, connecting to 4G will give you an average 10-20 mbps as compared to your regular net speed when you’re connected to your hardwired DSL and cable modems at home.



Thanks to 4G, the futuristic video calls you only see on movies and TV shows are now on its way.  Now you can throw in any video application and your smartphone can instantly be a video hub for you.


Anywhere office

According to a survey by Telework, in 2005, a notable 74% increase in number of people in the US works from home at least a day per month.  Furthermore, 40% of Americans can already have their work at home.

In addition, about 96% of businesses all use wireless devices and 63% of these numbers admitted that their company could not survive without internet connections.  3G made it impossible to access files without delay and video sharing as well as normal word processing was a hit or miss proposition.

4G played a big role in the mobile office equation.  Now, everything is already accessible through a smartphone – whether it may be graphics, power point presentations or even video clips.  Even with the exceedingly high network traffic, you can still enjoy seamless data reliability with 4G.


Music made possible even in the outskirts 

Right now, you can stream music from audio streaming services like Pandora, iCloud, Spotify, Jango and even Soundcloud.  With the use of 4G, streaming even in the outskirts of the city where there’s no phone signal is now possible.  But with more users jumping to the use of 4G, expect that phone providers will increase their cap for high data usage.


The Internet of Things 

With the spread of 4G, expect to hear the phrase “the internet of things” more often.  It basically refer to basically everything that is connected to the internet.  The application of all sorts of data are now endless.  With internet connection, your normal alarm clock can even turn into a more intelligent device.  There’s a whole range of possibilities with the use of 4G.  Even online shopping can be made possible through your mobile phone.  Now you can shop anywhere and anytime.  Most online shopping sites like Lamido even offers an app you can use seamlessly on your mobile device.


Multimedia Madness 

With the use of 4G, video calls, gaming and even mobile social media are given a whole new definition with accelerated speeds.  One 3G base station allows a few dozen individuals to access the internet on their phones.  4G allows more people to simultaneously access and share a fast-speed connection.

Whether you are just up for a good online game or you want to have a great video chat with your loved ones, it is no doubt that you need a speedy wireless connection.  4G helps maximize your mobile experience by giving you the fastest data connection speed you could think of.


Image credit: Christian Lo – commons.wikimedia.org


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