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The Smartphone Apps Every Designer Must Have

Today, with the smartphones becoming an indispensable part of people’s daily life, it is no surprise that it has also crept in to professional lives as well. No matter, which profession you are into you would probably have an app out there that would make your work easy and help you carry out your task more efficiently and quickly. In short, these apps help in improving the productivity. There are apps for literally everything from preparing invoices, taking notes to drawing sketches and editing pictures. If you are into designing field, you would probably excel with your designing skills, but have you ever wondered about using these apps? If not then here are few apps that every designer must have:

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This app has nothing to do with your designing work but remember, your primary objective of using a phone is for communication and using internet on the move. This is where the Paytm comes in handy. It is an online recharge app that lets you pay your mobile bills as well as get recharge at your own convenience. With this app you can stay connected with your loved ones 24 x 7 and be assured that you never run out of balance or face disconnection of your phone. You simply need to have internet connectivity through Wi-Fi or mobile data and you can even pay your home utility bills. Not to mention, the app let you use paytm cashback discount offer or coupon codes that lets you get valuable savings with your every transaction.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This app may not be certainly as extensive as the PC software but it comes in handy during for minor editing and touchup works. If you have already been using any Adobe photo editing software you can easily make your way through using this app. It features various simple tools that lets you add effects to the pictures and thereby give you better control over the pictures that you share on social media platforms. The app is available for both android and iOS device users.


If you are one of these people who loves to sketch, the Paper app is just for you. It provides you that much needed canvas where you can literally sketch out your ideas. It is a very easy to use app and although you can sketch with your fingers, it is best advised to use a stylus for finesse. There are various tools within the app that lets you write texts, mix colors and draw outlines. Another, significant feature is that Paper is shareable so whatever you are drawing, you can immediately share it with your friends through Social Media. Currently, Paper is available only for iPad users.


Again, this is not an actual designing app but it is greatly useful to connect with fellow designers from around the world and also meet clients who are looking for designers to get their work done. You can upload your portfolio and show it off to the potential clients that you meet and get the work contract. It is one of the most popular networking app for all working professionals.



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