Is Your Website Making As Many Sales As It Could?

If you’re using the internet to drive online sales, you need to make sure it’s working at its full potential. Are you making as many sales as possible? The answer is almost always ‘no’ here. There are always new methods of optimising your site. There are always new ways to increase customer numbers and boost your bottom line.

Lots of business owners keep their head down and focus on keeping the company ticking over. And that’s all well and good. Now and then, however, you need to look to the horizon, and think about increasing those sales numbers. Whatever industry you’re in, whether it’s cars, fashion or technology, there are plenty of tricks and techniques. The following advice can be applied to any industry, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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Focus on one conversion goal

A ‘conversion’ online is when you make the sale. It’s any time a customer clicks the buy button. We also count a conversion when someone signs up to your mailing list. The best online companies focus on just one important conversion goal. Don’t confuse visitors with multiple offers and conversion options. Make it simple, clear, and lead them to one destination. It’s often best to seek professional advice in your industry here. For example, car companies would use professional automotive CRM software. It’s designed specifically to increase your conversion rates.

Don’t let anything distract from the sale

We’ve already explained why just one conversion goal is important. Now, you need to make sure your visitors don’t get distracted. Reduce any unnecessary clutter on your website. Remove anything that distracts from the main conversion goal. If you want to boost sales, don’t draw attention away from that important goal. It’s a common problem because website owners instinctively want to include as much as possible. You want to tell customers everything. Learn to do more with less.

Start an SEO strategy

If you’ve followed the first two points, you should now have a highly optimised website. Once you’ve got that in place, you can think about drawing more traffic to the site. If it’s optimised correctly, more traffic equals more sales. Start thinking about your SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy. The correct techniques here will increase your visibility on Google and other search engines. Over time, it will drive a serious amount of money to your site. Following the automotive example, your goal is to rank highly for search terms like ‘used cars’ ‘car dealer’ etc.

Tweak your copy

You’ve probably never given much thought to the wording on your website. Don’t worry, few realise how important this is. Good copy can double, or triple, your conversion rates. Great copy compels customers to click and persuades them to buy. Our advice? Keep it simple, straight to the point, and attention grabbing. The right words will also help build your brand identity. It’s not an easy skill, so it’s usually worth hiring a copywriter.

Implement these techniques, and you’ll start to see your sales creep up. No matter what industry you’re in, these tricks will always work. Have you got any other techniques that have worked for you?

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