The Most Common Complaints About App Development, and Why They’re Bunk

It’s clear that app development is becoming more and more important to businesses. But while it’s popularity is rising, so too are the complaints surrounding it. Fortunately, these complaints are mainly myths, spread by people who haven’t taken the time to research the issue. Here are some of the most common complaints you’ll hear about app development in business and why they’re bunk.

You Have To Be Original, And That’s Hard

The notion that you have to be original is usually something we hear outside of the business world. People who aren’t involved in business tend to think that startups have to reinvent the wheel to be successful. But as we all know, this isn’t true. In fact, building on what has come before is usually the only path to success. Thus, being entirely original isn’t necessary when it comes to setting up a business. And it isn’t necessary when it comes to developing an app.

What matters for app development is the user experience it creates. So what if some other company has integrated their app with social media? Why should that mean you can’t do that too?

Also, remember that it’s very unlikely you’ve had a unique idea. That means that if your idea isn’t already everywhere in the market, it probably doesn’t work. When developing an app, stick with best practices and add original features only once it’s up and running.

App Development Is Expensive

Another big objection to developing your own apps is that they are expensive. Especially if you want to implement them across a range of platforms. But a good web application development company will be able to find ways to reduce the costs when appropriate. For instance, your company might only need a pre-built solution that simply needs customizing. These apps are good value because most of the legwork has already been done.

Other more sophisticated solutions will cost more. But unless you need something very bespoke, it’s unlikely to break the bank.

All Details Need To Be Finalized Before Work Begins

Another way companies like to put off app development is to say that all details must be worked out ahead of time. This is just a way of delaying the development phase and putting the whole project off. And it’s not true, either. Any app development is a process. As the app goes through the development cycle, changes will be made. Plus, the market itself will evolve. And that means that rigid features can be at odds with what the market actually wants.

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You Can’t Run A Business And App Development At The Same Time

Business owners seem to think of themselves as superheroes, able to do anything that is asked of them. One thing that they feel that they can do is take over the project management of app development. But because app development is complicated, you can’t do at once. Either your app is going to suffer, or your business is going to suffer. Thus, businesses have to make a choice early on. They have to ensure app development is carried out by a third party.

For many businesses owners, this is an issue. They want to be involved in every stage of the development process. But the truth is that your business will be best served if you stick to your day job and let a pro worry about the app.

Corporate Apps Are Insecure

The internet is full of cyber threats. It seems as if every day a new story breaks about how one company or another has been hacked. And it makes it appear as if the security of companies is failing.

The truth is that in today’s world, security breaches are highly publicized. Just look at the media fallout when hackers stole data from Ashley Madison servers. But this publicity makes it seem as if corporate apps are less secure than regular apps. And that has led many in the business world to worry about security. After all, businesses now depend on mission-critical data to carry out their operations.


But we’ve been living with cyber threats for all our apps for years now. Yes, there is a risk of being hacked, no matter what app you are using. But cyber security is always half a step ahead of the hackers. And, for the most part, that means that companies are safe.

You Can Only Get Benefits By Using The Latest Tech

The latest tech is always the most exciting tech. As soon as we get used to technology, we stop seeing it as exciting, and it becomes rather dull. Think digital cameras, the internet, even smartphones. Right now there are a couple of exciting new technologies doing the rounds. The most important of these is arguably deep learning. Deep learning has the capacity to transform business in a way that seems unimaginable today. But that doesn’t mean that you have to adopt it now for your app to be a success.

Apps have been driving progress in many areas of business for years. And they relied on older technologies to get the job done. There’s no reason why your business can only benefit from the latest technologies. There are plenty of other reasons why apps are already extremely customer friendly.

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App Development Takes A Lot Of Time

When you go to your web developer, the first thing you’ll discuss is development time. Most businesses think app development is a long and drawn out process. But most apps can be built in less than three months’ work time. Of course, there’s a difference between three months development time and three calendar months. Developers might not work on your app every day of every week for that month. For instance, they’ll stop work if they need further input from you. And these gaps in the development cycle can extend the time it takes for development to happen. Thus, it’s crucial that you are in regular contact with your developer. The sooner that you provide input, the sooner they can get on with delivering the project.


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