Tips To Avoid Sending Sloppy Emails

sloppy emails

Since the invention of emails, they have fast become one of the first points of contact with customers that many businesses have. It is important that when a company email is sent that it portrays the correct image that you are trying to promote, and it is something that all members of staff should have some training in to ensure a level of professionalism is maintained. Here are some tips to make sure you are not sending any sloppy emails and potentially losing business.

Polite And Friendly Emails

You will want to make sure that all emails use a certain level of formality, even with customers that you may know. Although it is also important that the emails are not too formal and stuffy sounding, you will need to find the right balance in-between. You can use contractions rather than writing long winded, but make sure that you do not use any slang such as text speech.

A Clear Subject Line, Or Not?

You can make sure that you write a clear and precise subject line for your email so that it will be noticed quickly by the recipient. However, studies have shown that emails with no subject line at all were often opened 8% more often than emails that had subject lines. If it is the first email that you are sending, as a matter of etiquette and manners it is polite to include this in the email.

Spell It Correctly

With all of the guides that are available there is no excuse for poor spelling and grammar, even if you have dyslexia. Before you send any email, make sure that you use the spelling and grammar check that is available with most email suites, such as can be found in Microsoft Office. Make sure that you use paragraphs to break up the text and also assist in making it easier to read for the recipient.

Make It Visually Pleasing

An excellent way to assist in people engaging with the email that you send is to make it look visually appealing and easy to read. As well as using paragraphs and spelling things correctly, you can also use an email signature creator to make an eye-catching signature, which will also be consistent throughout your organisation if you all use the same template.

Answer The Questions And Get To The Point

If you are sending the email in answer to questions or requests for information that you have received, make sure that you answer all of the questions fully and provide any information for which they have asked. Try not to waffle on too much as you could find that the recipient does not finish reading your email thoroughly.

When you follow these basic principles of sending business emails, you will help to portray and level of professionalism that will help you to stand out from your competition. If you would like more tips on writing your business emails including the correct use of punctuation and grammar, there is an excellent article on the LinkedIn website that will help to get you started.

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