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In response to the “sharing economy” the Government has taken steps in analyzing as to which factors of the sharing economy will be a good one and which will prove to be a problem. Based on the findings they have arranged for various departments that shall look after the different aspects of the economy. So, let us have some knowledge about all such aspects and departments.



The Government of Canada is working its level best to cope up with the different strategies of the sharing economy. In response to this, it has set plans for the working of the different sectors with a different sector. Some of the popular ones are as follows:

For benefits – EI for Individuals, EI for companies, CPP, OAS, SIN.

For taxes   The Canada revenue Agency undertakes the change of Address. It prepares for the taxes for the people of Canada and also the businesses. It also designs programs for undertaking the International Tax.

For Immigration It designs the passports for the Canadians.

It allows the immigration and then giving them citizenship by means of the Visas, residential address. It undertakes the activities and the formalities that are included at the time ofthe crossing of the border. Besides also provides help in the form of travel assistance.



There are different agencies working under the Government which work for Agriculture and Food supervision, Atomic energy resources, Business Developments and any others that are related to Immigration. So, some of the popular contacts in this regard include AAFC,ACOA,APA, AECL,OAG, BWB, BDC, CBSA, CART  to name a few. There are multiple agencies that work hand in hand to bring about a proper coordination.



To attain the help of the Government certain contacts have been prepared. Some of the important ones can be listed as follows:

  • The Member of the Parliament can be found by using the postal code and also assigning the name of the Member of Parliament. This will also help an individual to search for the Member of the Senate and Foreign Representatives
  • General inquiries can also be sought through telephones as well as by sending emails.

Apart from this, a citizen of Canada must remember the abbreviations as well as the name of the department to get a better help.




There are several treaties and agreements that are signed by the researchers about the sharing economies.

The contributors of the treaties were the Department of the Cana Justice, the Department for the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada as well as the Treasury Board of the Canada Secretariat.

The services that are being done by them are as follows:

  • The Charter and the human rights are guaranteed to all the Canadians.
  • The Government and the Senate bills are presented to the citizens that directly come from the Parliament.
  • The Canada Gazette presents the regulations regarding the decisions of the board as well as the Government notices.
  • There is also an access to the laws and the regulations that are designed by the different agencies or any department of Canada
  • There are multiple treaties signed with the Indigenous people
  • The protection has also been provided to the Canadians and the cost of the businesses have been greatly reduced.



There is a critical assessment made on this subject. It suggests that the recession that is faced in the current generation is due to the over-consumption of the resources. So, with this, there comes a requirement of discovering the newer resources which can act as a supplement to the ones that have been already exhausted. The trick applied here is to democratize the access to the resources by reducing the prices. So, this has erupted in the form of a blessing for the New York City. This is usually liked by the people who stay there because they can have a livelihood at the cheap places. It is a huge strength again to the developing countries where people do not have an access to the costlier ones. This, in turn, allows a clean system of the consumption of the resources in an optimized manner.

Criticism  this economy has been criticised by the detractors that the economy is beneficial only to provide accommodations for the middle-class society. But this proved to be the wrong one with the discriminated society who is paid only fewer wages for the larger working hours. So, there has been a resulting capitalistic society in the countries.



It is an important organization that helps in finding the information related to the Government of Canada and all the services that are provided by it.

Usually, there always starts a problem in knowing about which organization functions better and in which way. So, knowing this becomes a problem. But with this organization, it is quite easy to search for any of the departments. For more specifications, one can simply visit the page Departments and Agencies. The company presents all the information by conducting regular tests all over the country.

The company focuses on the fact of bringing improvements by the means of the proofs and the evidence collected and then sharing the files with the departments.



The website is totally regulated under the ESDC which checks each and everything before getting posted. So, there is a huge protection. All the data that are presented are quite verified. Till the time one visits the pages of the website, it is totally under the rules and regulations.



When it comes to the discussion about the sharing economy, there are two sects of eh people. Some are the drivers while some others are the inhibitors. The drivers focus on the fact of improving the standards of the sharing economies while the inhibitors pose threat. So, the engagement is in the following manner.

The drivers deal with the activities like the convenience of the services that are offered, they are focussed on saving the wastage of money, making friends. They can easily make an access to the services that are quite inaccessible.

On the other hand, the view of the inhibitors is different. They are focussed at bringing the complexity of the issues with liabilities, the entrenched interests in the path of the traditional businesses, the government regulations that are static since a long time, in realizing the security of the digital world and also in realizing about how the future trends may be disturbing to the rising trend.



The sharing economy shall continue to be a never-ending issue until an analysis is made about how good it can be for each and every nation around the world. Focusing only on certain regions will never act as a proper response. For the betterment, on a total basis, there is a need to analyze the entire positive and the negative aspects and mend their limitations.

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