Boost Your Restaurant Business With Virtual Reception Services

virtual reception

Like many other businesses, restaurants rely heavily on the telephone, with a large percentage of their bookings coming from a call, and it is essential that all calls are answered promptly and in a courteous way. There’s nothing more off putting than an abrupt response to a table reservation, with the exception of no answer, and if you want to maximise your bookings, having your calls professionally answered is the solution.

Customer Care

The dining experience defines your success and is something all of the staff are geared towards and having to deal with incoming calls very much hinders customer care. However, outsourcing to a call handler in the form of virtual receptionists ensures that all enquiries are met with a friendly and professional greeting.

Scripted Greetings

As we all know, first impressions count and the virtual receptionist is both qualified and experienced and will deliver a scripted greeting every time, allowing you to select your chosen script for call answering. The virtual receptionist will be located at the provider’s premises, and from there she will respond to all calls, as if she was in the restaurant, and with cloud-based bookings, all reservations would automatically be updated.

Dining Enquiries

It is often the case when a potential diner wants some specific information about the restaurant. It might be today’s menu, closing time, or even directions to the restaurant, and this takes your key staff away from what they should be doing – taking care of the diners. The virtual receptionist would be fully briefed on your business and would act as any receptionist would, the only difference is that she is at another location. If you are worried about prompt call answering, market leaders like guarantee to answer every call within 5 seconds.

Promotions and Specials

Dining establishments rely on their specials and promotions and with a virtual receptionist, you can update their information in an instant, anytime of day or night by simply making a call. The virtual receptionist is therefore up to date and can answer any questions regarding the menu specials, just as if she were sitting at your reception desk. The caller would never know the call was handled by a third party and with the capacity to handle any number of calls your bookings are virtually assured.

Flexible Partner

If you forge an alliance with a virtual reception provider, they are literally ready to take on as much – or as little as you need. You may already have a super Maitre D, but what do you do when she is absent? The virtual reception provider can step in at a moment’s notice and can be used to cover any absenteeism, and when your key employee takes their annual break, your business will not suffer.

If you would like to know more about the range of virtual reception services, a Google search will point you in the right direction and with their help, your restaurant will experience a boom.

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