The need to hide your IP address

The IP address is the most important thing that is used to identify you over the internet. It is your identity on the internet. There are people who question what is my router ip and why to hide it? Anyone who knows your IP address actually gets to know about you and can do anything with that information. They are in command of you then. Therefore, the IP address should be hidden. Here are the most important reasons why the IP address should be hidden.

IP address

Keep the location hidden

As said earlier, the IP address of your network or your device is like your home address. Hence, one who gets to know about the IP address actually learns about you. He gets to know your geographical location and in fact, he can also know your perfect location, which is not good for anyone. This information can be used against you. You can be blackmailed or be in trouble because they can use your location for illegal activities. All the IP addresses that are produced by the ISP over the world have little information attached to it. If you question “what is my router ip” then click the link. The number you have in your IP address is your country code, the region code, and the area code. This information is enough to get to know everything about you.

Prevent web tracking

IP address

When you visit a website the sites tend to see your IP address. You might be thinking that it is ok for the website to know your address. What harm can they do? Well, the fact is they cannot do any harm however if someone intends to harm you then they are always free to do it. With the IP address, one can track you on the internet. They can view the activities that you are going through. The sites can monitor the online visits you pay and the items that you are viewing. Have you seen and noticed that whenever you are looking for some product in Amazon you are most likely to see ads over different pages of the product that you searched? Well, that is because the websites keep a tracking log of the visits that you pay. By hiding your IP address, they won’t be able to track you over the internet or else it would be much difficult for them to track you.

Bypass any restriction

You might have visited certain websites and viewed the message “Access Restricted”. That is because some websites have banned themselves depending on the geographical area or because of age limitation. The way they find out that your network is located in the restricted area is through your IP address. Hence, the trick is if the IP address is hidden then the website won’t be able to locate you because they cannot see the original address itself. There are websites that lend you a proxy address to hide your identity. Some of the places where the bypass can occur are:

  1. Streaming restricted shows: If you add a VPN service then you can access the area-lock content very easily. This VPN fakes an IP address by replacing the IP address provided by the USP provide by an address that is permitted in the country to access the content.
  2. Premise bans: If in your institute or company, certain sites are banned then a proxy can be used to divert the traffic directly to the ISP provider. The traffic is passed freely through the router of the institution. You can freely use Facebook, Twitter, and play online games without any worry.
  3. Internet censorship: There are some countries that ban certain sites or the internet as a whole. One can bypass through using any proxy networks. The journalists and activists are the main victims that are deprived of the freedom of expression. With the VPN and proxies they are free to raise their voice and aware the public from the suppression of the government. In doing so, their identity is not put front and they are safe. However, these people can make use of the public Wi-Fi as well. This way no one could find out who was the one posting that.

Protect your sensitive data and research

We are a generation of eagerness. We want to learn a lot of things and hence to research the internet for it. This research is not always safe. There are sensitive data that can be used by others for the different purpose. Hence, you need to avoid anyone from looking into it.

Moreover, it is not a secret that some countries keep a constant watch on its citizens and deprive them of their personal and private space. You might not have any ill intention while executing any search, however, that might not mean the same for the government. You may be targeted on because of this search. It would be a serious situation if something like that happens. Therefore, VPN is the best solution to it. It will help your private data and searches from being revealed. It is important to note that the VPN does not completely save you. They can track you back; however, the fact is it is very difficult to do that.

Remain anonymous

With the world around looking for what others are doing, there are some who demand anonymity. There is nothing better than being anonymous; only you are aware of the thing that you doing over the internet and not anyone else. It is a great thing as the less data you provide to the internet the safer you be. The data can be misused or if not you are satisfied that you are safe and privately secured to yourself.


The reasons to hide the IP address are huge. If you have not used anything to save your address then the best way to save your IP address is to use VPN or proxies. By doing so, you will be saving yourself from unneeded trouble. The internet is as good as it is bad. If it is not taken careful care then you can lead to serious problems. The world is very big and not all people are good. There are people who are eager to misuse the internet for fun or other means.

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