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Minecraft Revisited After 7 Years – What’s Changed?

MinecraftWhen I’ve last posted about the game Minecraft, I was 12 years old at the time. Now, I’m 19 years old, nearing 20, yet I’m still playing the game. Thinking about it now, writing this post made me realize that the game has a special place in my heart. Admittedly, I did not play “Survival Mode” for the vast majority of my play time. I’ve beaten survival mode when it was on update 1.9. I stuck to playing in creative mode since then. I’ve never really seen the appeal in “surviving”. The Ender Dragon fight had been a HUGE let down. There was no point in pursuing Survival. When the update 1.14 for Minecraft came out, I thought “it might be the time I should try the whole survival gig again. Surely, there has been plenty of time for things to change, right?” After a week of playing and grinding the game, I came to a few conclusions.

Minecraft Mobs are more difficult than they used to be.

This is the part that surprised me the most. I might have not noticed this change very much. I’ve spent my adolescent years binging on Super Hostile maps by Vechs after all. However, I find playing the game at Hard mode a bit harder than it used to be. Zombies seem to hit harder this time around. They also spawn even more than the last time I fought them. Skeletons have developed their pathfinding sequences. It more than shocked me when a skeleton was running towards me with a drawn arrow. Creepers spawn absolutely everywhere, it’s ridiculous. The patrols of Illagers also made my life a bit worse. They spawn at every chance they get. I remember just peeking over the wall I made, and there have been 10 patrols at most.

Combat Mechanics are different.

This is the part where players felt divided. . To actually have to wait in order to swing the sword again gave a flair to the game. It made it more challenging for me, and I actually enjoy it. There’s this feeling of satisfaction of just being able to see the sweeping attack animation. It surely beats mashing my mouse button in my opinion. The crossbows are a fantastic addition as well, but I rather stay using bows.

The End Dimension is more “entertaining” for once.

Minecraft End CrystalEnder DragonWhen I’ve beaten the End last time, the most I can get from it was Ender Pearls. There was the Dragon Egg, sure, but it was for decoration. Now? I can get an Elytra, farm Shulker Boxes, and get some Chorus Fruits for End Rods! The expansion of the End after beating the dragon is also amazing. I enjoy being able to see these “End Cities” on the vast distance. However, the most important for me is the first thing I did. I’ve popped on some Enchanted Gear using creative and jumped into the portal. Fighting the Ender Dragon is actually fun now.

The End Crystals are covered. The dragon breathes now as its range attack, and it has a new “phase” by sitting on top of the portal frame. I like this version of the dragon. It beats having to shoot it down with a bow, and running around to catch up to it.

More Blocks and Work Stations!

I once had a problem with the sheer lack of choices. A furnace is the only thing to cook things with. The crafting table, enchantment table, and anvil have been the only things to do tools with. Crafting maps and banners all came down to the crafting table. Sure, it was convenient, but it was boring. Now, there are other work stations to help you make these items! I personally love the loom the most. It makes making banners easier. The new blocks are also fantastic for decoration. So far, I’m loving the lantern and the campfire the most!

Witch Hut MinecraftJapanese Temple






I still stand by my review 7 years ago. However, I will give my newly updated personal “Pros and Cons” of Minecraft.

Pros of Minecraft:

  • It is very fun to play and enjoy. It’s even better to play with friends as you can play with offline servers.
  • The all new content gives Minecraft a rejuvenated look. The content goes deep to the point that there are plenty of things that stack up to each other.
  • You can change from Vanilla, and choose to play Modded Minecraft instead. There is a huge community that makes mods for the game.
  • You can change from Minecraft’s default look with Resource Packs.
  • Mobs are harder, meaning the game is more challenging. You’d find yourself having fun with slaying mobs and conquering the game.
  • New biomes spread across the map. Adventuring is fun, and it’s all thanks to the new achievements added to the game!

Cons of Minecraft:

  • Patrols spawn way too often with the new updates. Even with enough light placement, you wouldn’t be able to prevent it.
  • There are quite a few performance issues. Minecraft is now heavier in comparison to its older versions. You’ll need a stronger PC or Laptop with bigger RAM to run the new versions.
  • There are also a number of bugs that hadn’t been solved yet. It is best to look at the patch notes before anything else.


Minecraft is still a very fun game to play. Even after reaching my adulthood, I find myself playing the game for the sense of nostalgia. The game is still not given out for free, so you will still need to spend some money for it. Regardless, I still highly recommend for you to play this game!

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