Study Says Video Games Keep You Fit

New research has revealed that active gaming consoles are a better means for medium or intense exercise for children than outdoor gaming. Before dropping or demanding your loved one drop a video game, remember this statement. Although you may be older than the subjects in the study, the undisputed facts stated in this serious university-guided research may keep you on your gaming console.

Video Games

 Video Games  and Exercising

For about a decade, if not more, gaming consoles have been blamed for lack of exercise, unfitness, and general discomfort. However, according to the report, video games that fully involve a player’s body can be beneficial a source of training.

Unorganized outdoor activity

Hollie Raynor and her team from the University of Tennessee’s Healthy Eating & Activity Lab in Knoxville compared gaming consoles to outdoor play. In this experiment, unstructured outdoor activities included a climbing tree, hula hoops, etc. The subjects could choose any activity. The video gaming session featured a 40-inch TV and a Kinect Adventures River Rush game. Kinect for the Xbox 360 console is a controller-free gaming rig that uses the entire body. It works through skeletal tracking and motion sensors.


A total of three accelerometers were attached to each subject. That is, two on the wrists and one on the hip. Expert observers used a formal scale known as the Children’s Activity Rating Scale to “approximate training levels.” The experiment went on for three weeks and took note of “approximated energy expenditure.”


The observers discovered that video gaming was better than outdoor play when it came to exercise. While monitoring the hip accelerometer sensor, live video gaming displayed a higher percentage of medium to vigorous intensity than unorganized play.

Raynor claims that nobody has taken measures with this degree of accuracy when comparing outdoor play with live video gaming in kids.

Hollie and her team are quick to clarify that they are not claiming that gaming consoles should replace outdoor activities. They consider the information they gathered should be applied to make better decisions on the kind of video games your kids you should play. Luckily for you, you’re no longer a child. Try boosting your physical exercise with legitimate performance enhances from Valkyrie Online new domain


It is not a difficult task to stay fit while gaming. You can choose to fit in bits of exercise while a game is loading, even. Stretching is also a great idea to get you pumped up and help keep you fit. Consider taking breaks from your gaming console for at least 15 minutes. 

Video gaming can work as a less irritating means of getting your blood pumping. You can try playing sports or dancing games more often. 

To conclude, lengthened gaming periods are unhealthy for your body and also negatively affect your gaming scores. When taking your 15-minute breaks, do some compound movements and stretching to help. Have your body and mind involved in something other than video games for a while.

By the time you are back on your console, you will have a sense of rejuvenation and probably discover you are gaming better than before.


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