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Ever Heard About Cloud Computing?

You’ve been using the internet for many years now, but have you ever heard about cloud computing yet? Just recently, the term “cloud” slowly became a household word and more people realize that they had actually been using it through the processes they do on the internet. Computer wizards and geeks have known what cloud computing is for so long but there is no equal layman’s term for it. It simply refers to the storing, retrieving and processing files on your computer or another device. Browsing the web, sending an email, using different online applications means you’re on “cloud computing.”

cloud computing

“Cloud” refers to the system of connected computers through the internet. Some analysts define it as an updated version of utility computing which is basically virtual servers available over the Internet.

Attaching your device to the cloud gives you access to huge amount of resources from around the world. With this system of viewing and retrieving files from anywhere, you don’t have to save all your files in your local drive thus you have greater storage capacity. This also allows you access to your files wherever you are physically for instance, you have saved your files at home and at the same time saved it on your online storage account, thus, you can still access it when you travel to another city or country without any problem. There are now cloud services that and these resources are basically free for everybody. Other sites also offer huge yet free storage accounts such as Amazon, Box and DropBox.

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