The Best Tablets Running Google Android

Google Nexus 7 Back

As portable computing devices such as the tablet become more integrated into our normal lives, open-source operating systems such as Google’s Android are a becoming increasingly popular to lend increased functionality to these devices. However, not all tablets are the same and there are certain models that are better than others for running Android. So, let us have a brief look at some of the most commonly chosen tablets and the benefits that they offer.

Google Nexus 7

This tablet is the most popular for hosting the Android service. It boasts a standard 16 gigabytes of hard drive space and there is also a choice to upgrade to 32 gigabytes. One key feature that makes the Nexus 7 desirable is that at a weight of only .76 pounds, it is the lightest amongst its competitors. If we add this to the seamless integration of Android 4.2, it becomes clear why this tablet is the preferred choice for many users.

Google Nexus 10

It should come as no surprise that another popular model is the sleeker and more sophisticated Nexus 10. This device is exceedingly light and is known for its durability; essential for those on the go that wish a robust operating platform. Additionally, the Nexus 10 boasts one of the sharpest digital screens available and it possesses the fastest processor of all Android tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Many believe that this is the best tablet manufactured by Samsung to date. The Galaxy 10.1 comes with a standard 16 gigabyte hard drive and a unique feature known as the S-Pen which makes writing and note-taking easy. The processor is lightning fast and is the thinnest model of tablet amongst its major competitors. The inclusion of the latest version of Android makes this tablet an attractive alternative, though it is a bit pricey in comparison to other brands.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

This tablet is priced considerably cheaper than the 10.1 version for those looking for Google Android tablet deals. It is also considered one of the most visually-pleasing models that host the Android operating system. It also comes with the S-Pen stylus and its memory can be expanded by the addition of a microSD card (not included). The tablet itself is a bit smaller than the 10.1 and its main competitors, thus making it ideal for those who desire a fully functional Android operating system that takes up little physical space.

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T

A notable feature of this Asus model is that the 10.1 inch screen with an impressive resolution of 1920×1200 is backed up by a a quad-core processor that runs the Android 4.0.3 operating system. The processing power of the Asus Transformer make it one of the best platforms to run Android. Finally, the user has the option to purchase a 64 gigabytes of hard drive space, allowing this tablet to have one of the largest memory capacities.

Although these top five choices are presently the most popular tablets for running Google Android, it is expected that more companies will be entering into the tablet market to host this open-source program in the near future.


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