The Latest 3D Modeling Software for Geophysical Data Collection

For those who work in geology, engineering, construction or who often survey the ground for corrosion control, you need an advanced geophysical and resistivity instrument that really provides the best data. This will allow you to see exactly what you’re dealing with, and with the latest 3D modeling software, you don’t have to guess about any issues.

You can find geophysical instruments manufacturered by Advanced Geosciences, Inc. to have the best capabilities and range of any resistivity meter or IP software. They provide a line of high tech geophysical resistivity and IP imaging systems including the PowerSting, SuperSting, MiniSting and EarthImager. Most companies require their engineers to use this equipment because of its reliability and multiple functions. The data collection has also been quite helpful for those who deal with ground-gridding and corrosion control.


The EarthImager 3D software came out as a follow-up to the EarthImager 2D. However, it has more tools and instruments than the original. It comes with a continuous resistivity profiler, survey planner, borehole resistivity, IP data collection, terrain correction, batch inversion and user-friendly GUI, among a variety of other advanced features. One of the best things is that you can demo the EarthImager 2D or 3D to see how it would work for your business before you purchase.

The latest resistivity meters really need more than four electrodes to survey an area. That’s why the latest meters from AGI come with 50 electrodes that span out and collect data from wherever you need. These types of instruments are the next big thing for geophysical data collection.

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