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The benefits of purely digital records

Holding information on digital platforms has many advantages and, when it comes to business, transferring your records over can harness all of these.

digital records


Whether it’s saving space, going green or having quicker access, all of these benefits can greatly improve business operations and productivity. These days it’s quite easy to store new information this way and a document scanning service can help transfer all files safely by scanning and digitalising new information seamlessly.


Physical space


First of all, storing things online takes up much less physical space. This is crucial for firms that are limited in floor space and don’t have abundant room for an extensive filing system. A single server is arguably much smaller but can hold all of your data. 


Additionally, you can also look into Cloud and offsite options which remove the need for storage space entirely. This is useful for storing back-ups as well but those that need to can remove any need for room completely.




Likewise, digital records are much easier to access than physical documents. With the latter, you need to sift through the system and, if looking for an older record, this can often mean diving to the bottom of the pile. Such physical copies need to be organised and this can take both time and effort in additional to space.


Digitalised records, on the other hand, are only a quick search away. With all this information at your fingertips, general productivity is improved. A lot of time is taken accessing files, whereas a server can drastically cut this down.


Likewise, such access is highly secure. Generally, one can argue a server has more effective measures than a filing cabinet. For the latter, anyone in the office can potentially gain access, even if they don’t have the allocated right.


Servers, on the other hand, have various security layers and programmes – even at its simplest, restrictive access can be granted to only those users that need to access the information.


Carbon emissions


These days, many companies understand the importance of going green. Whether it’s just to do your part for the environment or to attract new customers with a cleaner image, keeping carbon emissions down is an effective way to achieve this.


When it comes to documents, online records don’t involve printing and paper usage. This cuts down on such materials which would otherwise have a negative impact. The company’s overall waste management improves but the green benefits are equally as beneficial.


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  1. Technology nowadays transforms physical documents to digital records. For me it’s always a good idea to create a backup of your important documents. Just in case you lose it, you still have another copy on your computer storage and can produce number of copies.

  2. I go for paperless filing to minimize the use of space. But i know too that going digital filing cost a lot like you do not need only 1 hard drive, u need more storage space to last you a year or even a couple of years if everything shall be filed digitally.

  3. More and more businesses are opting for digital records now. The important thing is to make sure that the files are properly protected and that there’s always a backup. At home, we keep digital files of important documents as well.

  4. I think those companies who shows and has concerned about the environment not just making profit on their product is really great. They have my thumbs up for sure.

  5. i believe that there is always positive and negative side on getting digital but it’s always good to have a back up

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