Essential iPad Apps for Students

iPads has become more than just a tool for entertainment, people today rely on these tabs for different needs. Students with iPads may also take advantage of apps that will help them stay organized and learn faster throughout the school year. But before you tick and download those apps, here are some suggested essential apps for students with iPads.

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The Periodic Table App

A seriously useful tool for high school students and chemistry related courses in college such as this comes with a hefty price. But this $13.99 is worth the price as it allows users to have an in depth study of the elements. With just a tap, you can learn more about 500 known elements, its history, see photos related to it and more to get you that much coveted A in chemistry.


Graphing Calculator

Calculators can be expensive and bulky to carry around. Some people are also forgetful when it comes to their calculator. Luckily there are affordable graphing calculator apps for your iPad. The QuickGraph iPad application transforms your iPad into a powerful calculator with all the necessary features so you can just carry one gadget for all your needs.



A powerful library application that allows students to access and read full text of different books for free! It contains more than 7,000 book selections and are ideal for students who are taking courses that requires multiple textbook references.

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