Digital Radio Scanners, a great family gift this Season

If you’re familiar with radio scanners, then you’ll love the upgrade they’ve undergone. Today’s police and general radio scanners have gone digital, and offers homepatrol scanners that contain all of the features you’d want in a non-analog scanner. Gone are the days of bulky antennae and having to fine-tune a dial in order to find available frequencies in your area. Today’s digital scanners offer small and non-intrusive antennae, digital scanning and the saving of favorite frequencies, and even the option to record the transmissions the devices pick up on.


A popular model of police scanners is Uniden’s Home Patrol. These types of scanners are perfect for everyday consumers such as families and even kids who take a keen interest in knowing what’s happening in their area as relayed by various emergency service personnel. They’re also easy to configure and use, and since they’re rechargeable, you can take them on the road. One popular feature that’s built into most Home Patrol scanners is the TrunkTracker, which lets you tune into communications from public safety services, government agencies, and even recreational agencies, plus the typical truck drivers. Another must-have feature for a Home Patrol scanner is the S.A.M.E. system, which is a national weather and emergency alert system that can let you know of bad weather or emergencies that are happening in your area.

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One of the best features of a digital police scanner is the ability to scan digital, save digital recordings of transmissions that are of interest to you, and mark various frequencies as favorites. A built-in database is often automatically updated to keep you up to date with the latest and most recently used channels. And since no subscription is required in order to access channels in both the United States as well as Canada, the only purchase requirement is of the scanner itself.


Why purchase a Home Patrol Police Scanner? Well, besides it being a fun and even useful hobby for you or your child, it would also make a great gift for family members and friends who are interested in technology, radio communications, or simply in keeping up with what’s happening in their neighborhoods and communities.

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  1. I really believe that this gadget is a must-have for every home in America. Security is getting more expensive lately, but for the safety of our loved ones, we are willing to go an extra mile for it. This home patrol is worth having, I guess!

  2. Thanks for the brilliant idea. My husband would love to receive such a present from me. He’s such a sucker for digital radios šŸ™‚

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