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Facebook sends a Personalized Look Back Video to mark its 10th Anniversary

Have you noticed a lot of one minute look back video flooding your news feed? Well, it’s simply because today is a different story as Facebook is celebrating its 10th year. Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook Team sent its millions of users a personalized video featuring the highlights from the years of your life on the social network.

This particular idea of compiling the statuses, life events and most-liked photos set to music in a short film is not only a smashing success, but a wonderful gift to everyone on Facebook. The customized video allowed us to commemorate old memories, featuring the history of our time in Facebook.

I am very happy and grateful to have received my personalized video, it did not only made me smile wide but got me a bit sentimental. Aww!

Here’s my personal Facebook Look Back, Thank you Facebook!

If in case you have not seen yours click on https://www.facebook.com/lookback, watch and share it with your friends.

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