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The Top 5 Green Living Apps for the Environmentalist

If you are very keen on protecting the environment, you will probably be interested to learn there are apps, which can help you stay as devoted to green living as you’ve always been. I’ve searched the net to show you five of the most used apps for environmentalists.



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  1. Light Bulb Finder

Want to know how to switch to energy-saving light bulbs? The Light Bulb Finder app will help you find the best light bulbs available on the market, compare costs and environmental impact they have. It shows light bulb images, pricing and other important characteristics of the given product. Want to know what type of energy-saving light bulb you should buy to replace your incandescent equivalent? The app will give you all the information you need with just one click. The best part about Light Bulb Finder is that you can shop directly through it. It is available for iPhone and Android.

This app is free of charge.


  1. ClimateCounts

Want to know what climate impact leading companies have? Then this app is for you. ClimateCounts will give you information about climate ratings in different industries. It reveals companies’ sustainability efforts and the way they impact the environment. Later on, consumers can share their concerns with the companies through the app, either on social sites or by e-mail. ClimateCounts allows people to search by industry or company. It is available for iOS users.

The app is free of charge.


  1. Fooducate

Make informed decisions about the food you buy by using the Fooducate app available for Android and iOS. It scans food giving valuable information as to how good a product is. It provides details about ingredients and nutrients as well as a letter grade for every item, from A to D. For example, according to Fooducate, Mahatma brown rice is an A, whereas prepared white rice is a B+. In comparison, prepared wild rice is an A-. The app can both scan your food or you can provide the necessary information manually by entering the bar code. Simple as that.

Apart from this, the app also shows calories. For example, you type ‘chocolate’ and the app displays a few pages of results, revealing information about calories (e.g. white chocolate 458 calories, dark chocolate 218 calories, milk chocolate 37 calories, etc.) Did you know that avocados in Florida have 365 calories per serving, whereas those is California have no more than 227 calories per serving? It’s valuable information, I think. You can calculate your calories properly and help improve your diet.

The app is available at $4.99.


  1. Carbon Emissions Calculator

Ever wondered how much you impact the environment when travelling by air? The Carbon Emissions Calculator app can tell you just how much carbon emissions there are during your air travels.

Carbon Emissions Calculator app is available for iOS users. What you need to do in order for it to work is to specify your destination airports and your origin, select the number of passenger to join you in your flight as well as the class of travel and the app will show you how much your trip will affect nature.

The app is offered for free.


  1. Locavore

Looking for in-season food? Use Locavore app. It shows users nearby farmers and markets which offer the food you want. Seasonal produce has never been so easy to find. You can search for organic foods and use thousands of recipes. The app informs you which vegetables and fruits are available at the moment and it also lets you know whether they are currently in season.

The app is provided for free and is available for both Android and iOS.


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