Voice-controlled Home Automation Systems

Have you dreamt about going back home to a smart house that does everything on its own, from cleaning to turning the lights off when you go to bed? Wow, that’s sounds like a great house! There already are a number of smart homes worldwide, so there is nothing to be wow-ing about, except for one thing – wouldn’t it be better, if instead of controlling everything in your house with a remote control you could simply speak to your system and tell it what to do? Voice-controlled home automation systems are designed for this.


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What is a voice-controlled home automation system? It’s almost as complicated as its name. Sparkling Carpets West London are going to talk about this kind of system below. If you want to know, have a look.


What is Home Automation?

Before I start, I feel I should clarify one point. What is home automation in the first place? Home automation is a system which makes your household tasks much safer, easier and simpler. This technology has many purposes, such as increasing energy efficiency, improving entertainment systems, controlling dimmers and lights, and automating doors and locks. Normally, it is controlled by means of a remote control, cell phone or computer machine. Home automation can be both cheap and expensive.


Voice-controlled Home Automation

Now to return to our muttons, voice-controlled automation as it name implies is a system that is capable of interpreting vocal commands. Broadly speaking, it can control locks, thermostat, lighting, security and other features of home automation via voice recognition software. All the commands must be submitted via a microphone.

Now, I would like to discuss each point separately.

Alarm system

Depending on what modules you use, your voice-controlled automation system can be used to control your security system. In other words, your voice can enable or disable the system any time through a vocal command. What’s great about this is that the system will recognise your voice only and will not allow strangers to enter your home.

I don’t know about you, but when I was little, I wanted to make doors open by uttering: “Open Sesame”. I will definitely consider using this phrase as a vocal command to open the door of my bedroom or bathroom some day.


Too dark in the house? No problem. Your voice activation system will set the light levels. It can dim, turn off and turn on the lights anytime you give it the right vocal command.

Imagine you’re lying on the couch in your living room and you’re too comfortably positioned to stand up and turn off the lights. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just say: “Okay, I’m falling asleep, so turn the lights off.” Thanks to your voice-controlled system, it is possible now more than ever.

Home theatre

If your home theatre system uses LED transmitters, you can tell it to switch the channels. So as you are watching National Geographic, you can switch to 24 Kitchen by a vocal command to see how Jamie Oliver prepares his ultimate gingerbread. Isn’t that amazing?


How Does it Work?

For your safety, the system is asleep most of the time. You need to utter a special phrase or word to make it respond to your commands. Just like your smartphone’s touch screen is disabled during a call to keep you from accidentally pressing any buttons with your ear, a voice-controlled home automation system has to be asleep until “woken up”. It will prevent the computer from responding to your conversations with your family. I mean, you wouldn’t want the system’s attention when you’re quarrelling with your spouse over trifles.

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