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Nov 19

The Best Tips For Keeping Your Computer in Premium Condition

Having a computer that is in the best possible condition that it needs to be is imperative. These are expensive machines. So, if you are looking at ways of making sure that your devices are in the best possible condition, you need to take heed of this advice.   Invest in Clean Up Software In …

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Sep 23

Don’t Know Your HDD From Your USB? Read This Primer On Data Storage


Data storage is a hot topic in today’s digital age. It’s not just computers that store information. Storage devices get used for everything items ranging from cable TV boxes to smartphones and tablets. There are so many storage mediums that it can sometimes get complex to choose the right one for your needs. Today’s primer …

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Aug 19

Why A PC Could Be A Good Choice For You


The demand for PCs is falling worldwide. It seems that everyone wants a tablet or laptop these days. Some of us are just getting by with our smartphone alone. The rise of portable devices has meant that many people have forgotten PCs. That’s a great shame. It could mean that you make a poor decision …

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Jul 08

Understanding File Extensions

File-extension icons via openclipartorg

When it comes to tech-geek terms, some of us simply can’t catch up. There are many things that we encounter daily when we use the computer but we simply accept them as the norm – file extensions are one of them. You usually save your file, .doc, .txt, .pdf, .ppt..wmv, .avi, .mov  and many others …

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