Tutorial: Creating sticky posts in WordPress

I have shown a tutorial on how to create a sticky post in Blogger in my earlier post, now doing it in WordPress is also an easy peasy  job. There are two options you can choose from to make a post be seen on your homepage for quite a period of time.

Here are the two options on how you can make a blog post sticky in WordPress:

Login to your wordpress/blog account. Click on All Posts to your dashboard then select on the post that needs to remain on top of your homepage. Click on Quick Edit.  On the status found on the right panel, tick on Make this post sticky then click on Update

The second option – Open the post in Edit view. You will find the Publish section on the right pane, click on Visibility then tick Stick this post to the front page option. Click on Update and you’re done.


Remember that you have to repeat the process by the time you want to remove the post from being sticky by unticking the sticky post option.

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