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Up To 10GB Limit For Gmail Attachment Now Made Possible

It’s just so frustrating that whenever we send an attached file using our email (Gmail), we are being limited to 25MB. How about when we are going to send a huge amount of video file? We were left with no choice but to look for format “shrinkers” before we can send it or perhaps lower down the quality of our file and most of the time it would result to something undesirable.   

The rants of the users were able to reach the sensitive ears of Google and now they incorporated their new program called Google Drive to expand the attachment limit up to 10GB. The program is similar to Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive. Gmail users can now attach file from the Google Drive and send it. Since most of the email users these days are having Gmail, integrating the Google Drive won’t be a big problem.

It is now being integrated in Gmail’s new “compose” box. If you’re still using the old interface then it’s about time to switch to the new one and try Google Drive yourself. This is yet another leap of Google and no wonder time will come that everyone would be relying on them in whatever online program that you will be using.

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