Wifi Hotspot, a business marketing strategy

If your line of business caters to customer service like hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and more, adding a wifi hotspot feature can keep your business growing, whether you choose to sell the access or giving it for free depends on the business location where various open hotspots are also available.


wifi hotspot
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This technology-driven society can no longer fully operate if they aren’t online, as most businessmen are using the virtual office nowadays.  Most function rooms in hotels or restaurants are equipped with internet-ready access to provide more efficiency and productivity to customers who hold and conduct seminars, conventions or meetings.

One of the reasons why people stay longer in a coffee shop is not only because of their coffee but more likely the place is a wifi area, thus, enjoying their coffee cup after cup while browsing their emails using their devices.  As the trend of wifi hotspots is growing, it is considered as one of the best marketing strategies for coffee shops and other related establishments to attract more patrons and clients.

When it comes to other companies, keeping the business area a Wifi hotspot could enable faster and efficient transactions. There isn’t any faster way of sending files from one department to another but through emails and other internet dependent applications. A certain worker doesn’t have to leave his desk just to convey an inquiry to his boss and vice versa.

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